How can you reduce your carbon footprint when you're going snowboarding?

We LOVE snowboarding but it's not the most environmentally friendly holiday. With this in mind, we challenged ourselves to reduce our carbon footprint, by comparing two travel methods as well as trying out eco-friendly snowboards and clothing. We even got carbon footprint experts to calculate the difference between the two journeys.

What did we do?

We wanted to compare flying with driving to the Alps in four ways; duration, experience/stress-levels, cost and carbon footprint. As well using alternative environmentally friendly snowboarding brands rather than the usual names.

We split into two teams:

James, Rosie and (restless toddler) Charlie took the usual route of flying into Geneva, as it's seen as quick and easy.


Where as Jason and Carole drove to La Plagne in the French Alps, using a Hybrid car to try and lower their carbon footprint.

What did we try out?

  • Clothing

Picture Organic Clothing create organic, bio-sourced & recycled products and proudly showcase their sustainability on their website.  

  • Snowboards

Capita's award winning snowboards are made in a 100% hydro powered facility called The Mothership.

  • Travel

The alternative journey was in a Ford Mondeo hybrid which is refueled by petrol but converts this to electricity for driving at slower speeds.

  • Accommodation

Ski Famille provide fully catered chalets with childcare so parents can enjoy skiing. Although the chalet we are staying in isn't environmentally friendly, there is a newly renovated chalet that Ski Famille are yet to promote, this was renovated in the Summer of 2017 with solar panels, energy efficient appliances and many more features.