About us

We are the creative multi-media video agency that knows how and where to tell your story for maximum impact.


The right story

A good story is the heartbeat of a great video. It’s the hook that draws people in and keeps them watching all the way through. We’re the storytelling experts you need to define and map out the unique story of your product, brand, event or people – just as we have for clients of all sizes in sectors ranging from tourism to gaming to charity.


Perfectly captured

At every stage of the process, we make the right creative decisions to breathe life into your story. We’re enthusiastic experts in the latest filming and editing techniques, from drones to stabilised footage to lights, lenses and colour grading. When you need to get your story out fast, we can work quickly without any drop-off in quality. All in the service of beautiful, emotive videos that people want to watch online.


With maximum reach

How your video is watched matters as much as what it says and how it looks. That’s why each 23Digital video is tailor-made to perform on the platform most relevant to its audience. We’ll devise a bespoke strategy to put your video in the right places online to get the right response from the right people. Then we’ll dig deep into the data to keep sharpening our insights and improving your ROI.